Clear Diamond Surface Protection Films

Clear Diamond Screen Protectors and Surface Protection Films

High Quality film Specifically Developed for Applications requiring the Highest Performance

Clear Diamond Protection films/screen protectors have been specially developed to provide high performance all-round screen protection for touch screen and LCD displays.

Suitable for use on both capacitive and resisive touch screens, these films are quick and easy to apply.

The films are suitable for a wide range of consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, notebooks and PC screens also ideal for use on large displays, E-POS systems and Kiosks.

We have films suitable for protecting screens during manufacture and shipping, the anti-static films are suitable for applications in the automotive and telecom markets.

Our screen protectors have excellent anti-scratch properties with a proprietary hard-coating perfect for the aftercare market, we have both optically clear and anti-glare films which are also anti-fingerprint.

A specially formulated high grade silicone adhesive is used giving optimum clarity and is clean removable leaving no residue after prolonged useage.

We have the following films within our range:

Anti-static for temporary and long term protection.

Anti-scratch, anti-glare and anti-bacterial, with a choice of crystal clear or anti-glare finish. The films are coated with high grade transparent silicone adhesive which leaves no residue on the screen when removed.

The films protect screens from scratches and impact helping prolong the working life of the screen.

CD 405CP - CD 670PO CD 556AS - CD 652AS

CD 858T - CD 858S - CD 512HC - CD 512AG

Anti-bacterial Grade protection films

(CD 512AG / CD 512HC) have a proprietary hard coating that kills 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens, the hard coat incorporates pure metal nano-technology which prevents bio-film colonization of the surface.

The surface treatment will kill pathogens such as MRSA, E-coli and other virulent bacteria, greatly reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

As a means of exogenous pathogen control the films are ideal for prevention of HAI (Hospital acquired infection), strains of bacteria are becoming far more resistant to anti-biotics which is a serious public health issue. Anti-bacterial protection films are an excellent form of added infection control in hospitals and medical practices, schools and care homes for touch screen and hand held devices.

As touch screen devices are now commonly seen in supermarkets, schools, doctors an dental surgerys, fast food kiosks and ticket machines, Anti-bacterial protection film can help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in these areas, assisting in keeping staff and the public safer from harmful on screen bacteria.

Anti-bacterial Privacy filters

We have a range of 2-way adhesive and non-adhesive privacy filters and also 4-way adhesive privacy filters that can be laser-cut to suit your screen size requirements.

Paint Protection Films

High grade polyurethane films for automotive paint protection, to prevent damage from stone chips and scuffs. These films have properties that are ideal for long term protection of the vehicles paintwork with excellent resistance to extended periods exposed to high levels of UV without the film dis-colouring or cracking. The films have a high gloss transparent appearance and can be cut to precise shapes to fit the contours of vehicles perfectly, coated with high grade adhesive which is repositionable for ease of application and will leave no residue when removed.

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