Clear Diamond Surface Protection Films

Clear Diamond Surface Protection Films

High quality film specifically developed for applications requiring the highest performance

Within the range there are films for touch screens and displays for temporary protection in the manufacturing processes and for shipping to market.

Films which are anti-static for temporary and long term protection. Screen protection films which are anti-scratch, anti-glare, and anti-bacterial, with a choice of crystal clear films or anti-glare.

The films are coated with high grade transparent silicone adhesive which leaves no residue on the screen when removed.

The films protect screens from scratches and impact helping protect against cracked Screens.

CD 405CP - CD 670PO - CD 556AS - CD 652AS

CD 858T - CD 858S - CD 512HC - CD 512AG

Paint Protection Films

High grade polyurethane films for automotive paint protection, to prevent damage through stone chips and scuffs. The films have properties that are ideal for long term protection of vehicles, excellent resistance to extended periods exposed to high levels of UV without dis-colouring or cracking. The films are high gloss transparent films which can be cut to precise shapes to fit the contours of vehicles perfectly. The films are coated with high grade adhesives which are repositionable for ease of application and leave no residue when removed.

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CS 100NS - CS 200PS - CS 300WS - CS 400DS - CS 500LS

BladeSave™ Leading Edge Protection Film

The next generation of leading edge protection films. Outstanding long term protection for rotor blades for wind turbines for helicopter rotor blades and for leading edges on aircraft propellers and wings.The film is a thermos-plastic polyurethane film with a smooth high gloss finish which has good elasticity and tensile strength. BladeSave™ has a special topcoat treatment which is extremely tough and resistant to abrasion, impact and puncture, resists acid rain.

Damage to blades caused by high speed impact of airborne particles such as raindrops hailstones, sand grains and salt water are prevented. The leading edge Of rotor blades are protected maintaining a smooth aerodynamic finish which enhances the operating efficiency of the rotor blades.

To optimize wind turbine energy output it’s crucial that rotor blades are protected, studies have shown that damage to blades can result in a loss of up to 20% of energy generated when the blades are severely damaged. BladeSave™ is applied dry with no special tools required ideal for OEM applications and repair and maintenance in the field.

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CS 500LS

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