Construction tapes

Construction Tapes

Perfect for Bonding Metal, Glass and Plastics in a Wide Range of Applications

Architects and specifiers who are looking for strong load bearing bonds that have excellent long term structural bonding properties should look no further than Hi-Bonds high performance VST acrylic foam tapes.

Ideal for bonding a wide range of construction materials that are non-porous for architectural finishing applications internally and externally.

Perfect for bonding metal, glass and plastics in a wide range of applications.


  • Bonding composite architectural cladding panels.
  • Bonding large glass facades into aluminium frames.
  • Production of elevator interiors, doors and ceilings.
  • Climate control ceilings.
  • Window and Door manufacturing.
  • Structural glazing bonding.
  • BIPV built in photovoltaics.
  • Production of sky lights.
  • Bomb proof windows.
  • Shop frontage / Aluminium - Glass.
  • Interior partition systems.
  • Bonding Cladding Panels

Bonding Cladding Panels

Acrylic foam tape is the ideal bonding method for composite panels, no mechanical fixings are required so the facade has a good aesthetic appearance with no bolts or screw heads visible. The paint finishes used on composite panels are compatible with Hi-Bond acrylic foam tapes. Using tape gives a smooth even surface to the fascia. Long term high load bearing properties of acrylic foam ensures that a demanding application such as composite panel bonding is achieved with excellent results.

VST 6200G - VST 6150G

Bonding large glass facades into aluminium frames

Hi-Bond Tape is the perfect bonding medium for glass and aluminium, precise widths of tape with tight tolerances bond large dimensions of glass for shop and office facades. Quick and easy to apply, which improves productivity; the visco-elastic foam allows for the expansion /contraction co-efficiency of the glass and frames without any loss of adhesion.

VST 6110G - VST 4110W

Production of Elevator doors , interiors and ceilings

Metal to metal bonding of galvanised steel, mild steel (powder coated) and stainless steel, panels bonded to frames for the interior of elevators, and fabrication of elevator doors.

VST 4110W - VST 4110G

Climate control ceilings

Fabrication of climate control ceiling panels are a niche application for bonding profiles inside climate control panels for temperature control in large public buildings and offices. The profiles are made of aluminium, bonded to powder coated perforated panels.

VST 6025B

Window and Door Manufacture

Applications for aluminium, PVC and wooden windows, bonding Georgian grill window bars, security glazing and fabrication of bomb proof windows. Bonding door panels and glass panels in PVC and aluminium doors.

VST 6080G - VST 6110G - VST 6150G - VST 6110WFR - VST 4080G - VST 4110G

Structural Glazing.

Glass facades and curtain wall structural glazing, bonding glass panels prior to structural metal construction, replacing structural silicones and spacer tapes. Factory applied glass panel bonding.

VST 6200G - VST 6150G

BIPV Built In Photovoltaic Panels

Integrated systems built into offices, commercial and domestic buildings, Solar panel systems, both crystalline and thin film are an increasing feature of modern construction. Designed as a built in feature of the building. Built as roof systems, or facades generating electrical power.

VST 6080G - VST 6110G - VST 6150G - VST 6200G

Production of Skylights and Atriums.

Bonding glass and polycarbonate skylights and domes. Bonding and sealing the Domes into frames.

VST 4110W

Internal Partition Systems

For bonding glass into internal partition systems, fixing trims and profiles.

VST 4100C - VST 6110WFR - VST 6110G

Bomb Proof Windows

Hi-Bond acrylic foam tapes have undergone extensive testing by U.K. Government agencies for bomb proof windows and glazing applications for Government and military installations. Various types of window designs when incorporating acrylic foam tapes as fixing and bonding medium can withstand severe explosions at close proximity.

VST 6200G

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management - FS 661697

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management - EMS 661698