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Tape Conversion

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Hi-Bond Tapes has industry wide experience and expertise in tape conversion, highly skilled staff with all round knowledge of tape conversion are dedicated to producing the highest quality converted tapes. The knowledge and skill base has been gained by operators with over 25 years experience working in the industry.

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Hi-Bond slits all of the grades of tape in the range using lathe slitters. We have a capability to cut on 1”, 1.5” and 3” cores slitting with a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm on cutting width.

Die - Cutting

Rotary and flatbed die-cutting producing precision complex die-cut pads and gaskets for the solar, electronics, automotive and general industry. We supply die-cuts in rolls, sheets or individual pads, from foams, films, tissues and transfer tapes. Proto-types produced by flat-bed or laser cutter supplied free of charge for testing and evaluation. Tolerances are +/- 0.5mm. Technical drawings with full dimensions and radii are required supplied as Pdf or CAD for enabling the production of tools.


Cross wound spools of foams, films and tissues are produced on 6inch cores, in widths from 5mm to 25mm, in continuous lengths up to 2,000 metres. Acrylic foam spools are supplied with a second extended liner to prevent the cross wound wraps touching and sticking together. Splices are kept to a minimum with feed rolls for the spools at the optimum length. Spools are supplied in specially designed cartons.

Laser Cutting

We have a high grade laser cutter for small batch production and for prototype and sample cutting, the cutting area is 1200mm x 900mm Precise cutting of film, foam and tissue tapes.

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