BladeSave leading edge protecting films

Leading Edge Protection Films - BladeSave™

High Grade Protection for Wind Turbines & Helicopter Rotor Blades


Blade protection film is produced to the highest standards giving outstanding long-term performance unrivalled by any other film of this type.

This film is a thermo-plastic polyurethane with a high gloss smooth finish which has good elasticity and tensile strength. Bladesave™ has a special topcoat which is extremely tough and resistant to abrasion, impact and puncture, resists acid rain preventing corrosive action.

Damage to blades caused by high speed impact of airborne particles such as raindrops, hailstones, sand grains and salt water are prevented. The leading edge of rotor blades are protected maintaining a smooth aerodynamic finish which enhances the operation of the rotor blades.

To optimise wind turbine energy output It is crucial that the rotor blades are protected, studies have shown that damage to the blades can result in a loss of up to 20% of energy generated when the blades are severely damaged.

BladeSave™ is applied dry with no special tools required, ideal for OEM application and for use in the field.

Helicopter Rotor Blades

Bladesave™ protection films are the next generation of rotor blade protection films formulated to withstand the most challenging applications encountered when used on helicopter rotor blades and turbo-propellers.

With extremely high speed and centripetal forces exerted on the film the adhesive system and integrity of the film has to be of the highest quality.

The surface treatment of the film gives an exceptionally tough 9H hard finish to the film, which can withstand the worst abrasive forces found in desert conditions and high impact found with hailstones.

BladeSave™ will prolong the working life of rotor blades and propellers, increasing the flight hours of the aircraft before maintenance is required.

Benefits and Features

Excellent impact resistance

Quick and easy application in the factory and field

Withstands erosion from airborne particles

Does not yellow or crack

Maintains a smooth aerodynamic surface

Improved long term power generation

Sheds water droplets improving efficiency

Enhances the appearance of the turbine

Gives ease of application

Enhances rotor blade efficiency

Allows quick easy replacement

Provides assurance of longevity of performance

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