Electrical Tapes

Electrical Tapes

Excellent Properties for High Specification Electrical Demands

Hi-Bond have a range of high quality tapes ideally suited for a range of applications in the electronics industry. For bonding, masking, shielding and surface protection, products with excellent properties for the high specification demands of the electronics industry in the 21st Century.

High grade acrylic, silicone and electrically conductive adhesives are used with the best available films, foams and metal foils, to give outstanding results for high performance consumer electronics.


  • Electrical insulation
  • EMI / RFI shielding
  • Anti~static applications
  • PCB Masking
  • Bonding to high temperature surfaces
  • Conductive connection and fixing.
  • Thermal Management

Electrical insulation.

Polyimide films with silicone adhesive give excellent electrical insulation, high temperature resistance, high strength and very good chemical resistance. Available in single and double sided tapes and also anti-static.

HB 830 - HB 836 - HB930

EMI /RFI shielding.

With an ever increasing range of mobile communication devices and electrical goods, generally it is crucial to have good shielding of products to prevent interference. We have a range of electrically conductive adhesive coated foils and conductive transfer adhesive.

HB 710. Aluminium foil with conductive adhesive

HB 720. 45 micron thick copper foil with conductive adhesive

HB 740. 60 micron thick copper foil with conductive adhesive

HB 938. Embossed copper foil with conductive adhesive.

HB 750. Double sided aluminium foil with conductive adhesive.

HB 700 Electrically conductive transfer adhesive.

HB710 - HB720 - HB740 - HB938 - HB750

Anti-static applications.

Hi-Bond Tapes has in our range anti-static surface protection films to prevent a build up of static electricity to which dust and other materials will cling too.

Also in the range is an anti-static closure tape for closure of special packaging for electrical components and finished goods.

HB 836 anti-static Polyimide film silicone adhesive

CD 556AS 38 micron thick anti-static PET film with acrylic adhesive.

CD 652AS 125 micron thick PET film with a 40 micron silicone adhesive coating

HB 254 Anti-static closure tape.

HB836 - HB254

PCB Masking.

For high temperature masking applications the Hi-Bond , Bondplus+- range of Polyimide and Polyester tapes are ideal, with quality silicone adhesive these tapes are ideal for wave solder masking usage.

HB 850 B R G blue ,red, green colour polyesters - HB 830 Polyimide

Bonding for high temperature resistance.

Bondplus +- Polyester and Polyimide tapes are ideal for high temperature applications using a high temperature resistant silicone adhesive which will resist temperatures of 250°C short term and 180°C for longer periods.

Conductive connection and fixing

HB 710 - HB 720A - HB 740 - HB 938A


VST 7 series thermal transmission grade are ideal products for applications for fixing and bonding LED light engines, precision die-cuts give a perfect bond to ceramic, copper and aluminium base plates. Die-cuts are available for applications in fixing components in light housings.

Acrylic foam tapes are an excellent method for fixing LED strip lighting which are produced using various elastomers for encapsulating the LED light engines and forming a strip.

VST 7025W - VST 7064W - VST 7120W

White Goods

Domestic appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers and microwaves ovens have applications for bonding metal panels. The excellent vibrations dampening characteristic, high and low temperature resistance, thin high strength bonding with flexibility. Applications bonding powder coated painted steel, glass and plastics are integral to the manufacture of white goods.

VST 4110W - Bonding panels to framework.

VST 4100C - Bonding glass into micro-wave oven doors.

VST 4025C- Bonding convection fans.

VST 4050C - Bonding control panel fascias.

Screens and Displays

LCD television screens, touch screen bonding the screens into frames, precision tapes give strong bonding of glass screens into plastic moulded frames. Hi-Bond Tapes have fine tolerances which are required by the leading manufacturers of quality screens of all types. Bonding touch screens into kiosks.

VST 2064B - VST 9130C

Electro-plating Masking

Surface protection to leave area’s free from plating. The tape has to have very good chemical resistance, temperature resistance and bond strength when submerged electronic fluid.


Thermal Management

The VST 7 series are heat transmission grades of bonding foams, ideal for bonding heat sinks, fans and components for thermal dissipation, spread and transmission, replacing mechanical fixings and improving assembly productivity.

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