Paint Protection Films

Paint Protection film

Outstanding Performance in the Most Demanding Environments

High grade polyurethane

Our range of paint protection films are produced from high grade polyurethane which have excellent high impact and abrasion resistance, very good transparency with a high gloss finish.

Specially formulated top coatings of the films give unique performance properties which enhance the appearance and working life of the films. The films are coated with quality acrylic adhesives offering very good long term ageing characteristics, easy to install, repositionable and leaving no residue when removed.

Undergone Testing

Tested in the most extreme climatic conditions in Russia and the United Arab Emirates the films will not crack, discolour or shrink.

Ideal for protecting bicycles and motorcycle paintwork from stone and other impact and abrasion. Our range can be precision cut to customised shapes to fit all types of designs. Easy and quick to apply to the most susceptible parts of bikes prone to damage, enhancing the appearance and finish of the paintwork over prolonged periods.


Has a non-topcoat high gloss finish which is anti-contaminant; Tar, dead insects and dirt are easily removed. The film is protection infused which allows for automotive coatings, such as sealants, wax and polishes to be applied. This protection also gives excellent stain resistance and prevents acid attack. The film is self-healing with the use of a hot air gun or hot water, which removes scratches. Easy to apply and removes without leaving adhesive residue.

There is a 3 year warranty against peeling, bubbling and yellowing.

Technical Date: CS100NS


Excellent installation properties, with a superb high gloss finish which is superior to other products on the market. The film is self-healing with the use of a hot air gun or hot water, which removes scratches.

This grade of film has good water repellant properties. There is a 7 year warranty against peeling, bubbling, cracking and yellowing of the film.

Technical Date: CS200PS


This film has a 30ยต thick top-coat which is very resistant to scratches. When scratched and scuffed the film has auto-self healing which is almost instantaneous. There is no need for a hot air gun or hot water.

The top-coat is also anti-contamination and easy to maintain without permeate acid problems. Easy installation and removal without residue this high gloss film has a 7 year warranty against peeling, yellowing, bubbling and cracks.

Technical Date: CS300WS


This grade of protection film has a special Nano-Glass coating which gives unique properties and performance. No other paint protection film has hydrophobic performance along with self-healing fast recovery of the surface.

Easy installation features are excellent flexibility and stretch of the film with very good repositioning, easily removed with no adhesive residue.

The film has premium performance with resistance to puncture, chipping, rubbing with the top-coat very resistant to acid rain and salt water with superb self-cleaning properties.

This premier film has a 10 year warranty against bubbling, cracking and yellowing.

Technical Date: CS400DS

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management - FS 661697

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management - EMS 661698