Sign & Display Tape Applications

Sign and Displays

Extensive Range of Tapes for use in the Sign Industry

The sign and display industry uses adhesive tapes extensively to provide fast, clean and easy bonding, fixing and mounting solutions.

There is a multitude of applications for all types of signs and displays suitable for double sided tapes usage.

Hi-Bond Tapes provide an extensive range of tapes for use in the sign industry for permanent and temporary fixing for internal and external applications.


  • Road Traffic Signs.
  • Large panel signs.
  • Bonding clear polycarbonate for illuminated signs.
  • Fixing individual letter signs.
  • Construction of obelisk signs.
  • Fixing housings and light units in emergency signs.
  • Fixing box signs panels to frames.
  • Bonding A frame signs.
  • Fixing LED strip lights.
  • Bonding plate signs.
  • Frame bonding for digital signs.
  • Dot matrix signs.
  • Point of sale bonding.
  • Name plate bonding.
  • Road traffic signs

Road traffic signs, are manufactured to a high standard having to withstand wind-shear forces requiring strong reinforcing with metal bars bonded with acrylic foam tape. There is no need for rivets which would result in distortion of the plates and possibly metal fatigue. Using tape means that the face of the sign is uniform and even ideal for applying reflective graphic films.

VST 6110G - VST 6110WFR

Large Panel Signs

Large Panel Signs. The same as road traffic signs reinforced with hat channel , U Channel. External signage required to withstand extreme climatic conditions and also wind-shear. Acrylic foam tapes take up the expansion and contraction of the metals at high and low temperature with no loss of adhesion due to the visco-elastic nature of the tape.

VST 6110G - VST 6110WFR

Bonding clear polycarbonate sheet for illuminated signs

The clear acrylic tapes are ideal for bonding glass and transparent plastics, use for fascias on back lite signs. The clear acrylic foam tapes do not discolour or deteriorate when exposed to high levels of U.V. Light. The Hi-Bond acrylic foam tapes also act as a complete moisture and humidity seal to prevent condensation forming within the box sign.

VST 4050C - VST 4100C - VST 4150C

Fixing individual letter signs, cut from metal , plastic and other materials

dependant on the size and uniformity for the surfaces to be bonded this will Determine the thickness of the tape used for the application.The tape should be applied in the vertical for fixing the letters.

VST 4110W - VST 6110WFR - VST 6110G - VST 4110G

Production of Obilisk Signs

Bonding panels to framework, metal or plastic sheet to metal frames. Dependant on the size/scale of the sign using the correct thickness of tape is important; where larger panels are used there it is more likely that there will be a mismatch and a thicker tape will be required. Using tape will give a flush uniform finish to the sign.

VST 4110W - VST 6110G - VST 6150G - VST 4050C

Fixing housings and light components in illuminated emergency signs

Precision die-cuts and precisely cut rolls of tape can be used in the fabrication of emergency signage. Usually for interior signs in public places using acrylic foam is ideal for the production of a quality sign.

VST 4025C - VST 4050C - VST 4100C - VST 4064G - HB 397- HB 392

Fixing A Frame signs

Almost exclusively external signs usually fabricated with painted metal. The application is bonding sheet metal to frames, Acrylic foam prevents warping and distortion of the sheet metal due to expansion of the metal at high temperature. The tape is also resistant to extreme weather conditions.

VST 6080G - VST 6110G

Fixing LED light strips

LED lights are being used more and more in the sign industry, strip lights are encapsulated with flexible plastic, allowing for fixing and mounting in a wide variety of applications. Used for illuminating all types of signs and displays.

VST 4100C- VST 6110WFR

Bonding plate signs

Interior plate signs for office doors and for walls, are generally light and rigid, produced from plastic or metal. Using tape to replace screws, means that no puncture holes are used keeping the substrates intact. Porous substrates need to be sealed prior to tape being used.

HB 810 - HB 392 - HB 397

Frame and fascia bonding for digital signs, for dot matrix or LED displays

Hi-Bond have a range of tapes suitable for bonding the frames and housings to the screens. Glass screens or powder painted metal fascias for dot matrix displays can be bonded for excellent results.

VST 4025C -VST 9135 - VST 6064G - VST 6110G

Point of Sale Fixing

Point of Sale Fixing, many retail signage and publicity can be fixed using double sided tapes, shelf talkers, shelf edging signs, FSDU.

HB 392 - HB 397 - HB 410 - HB 340 - HB 810

Name Plate Bonding

Name Plate Bonding, high performance nameplates for engineering applications require high performance transfer adhesives for demanding bonding that is fail safe. The tapes used have to be highly resistant to high and low temperature, high humidity, have very good chemical resistance and have proven long term ageing characteristics.

HB 2065 - HB 2135 - VST 9060 - VST 9135

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management - FS 661697

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management - EMS 661698