Committed to technical and service excellence

We work with our customers to make sure that technical tapes are never on their list of things to worry about.

Hi-Bond tapes are used in multiple applications (industries)

  • Automotive & Battery

    Tapes and Foams for applications in Automotive. VST® Acrylic Foam Tapes, Bondplus® Electrical Tapes, & Hi-Porseal® PUR foams.

  • Transportation

    Hi-Bond Tapes have approved VST® structural bonding tapes, a wide package of bonding tapes, and Hi-Porseal® foams for applications within transportation sector.

  • Aerospace

    Hi-Bond supply a range of FAR/JAR and UL approved tapes in Aerospace. These include VST® Tapes for bonding on panels, lighting and galley applications

  • Electronics

    Hi-Bond Tapes supply a proven range of tapes incorporating high temperature insulation, EMI/RFI shielding tapes, electrically conductive tapes, and thermal management tapes

  • Construction

    Hi-Bond supply many tapes and foams for applications in Construction. Specialised VST® structural bonding tapes, Hi-Porseal® PUR foams., and many other tapes

  • Signs and displays

    Hi-Bond Tapes provide an extensive range of tapes for use in the sign industry for permanent and temporary fixing for internal and external applications.

  • General industry

    Hi-Bond supply a wide range of tapes for use in general industry for bonding, mounting, fixing, masking, permanent and temporary applications internally and externally.

  • Screen protection

    Clear Diamond is a range of films providing screen protection or a wide range of consumer electronics and these are also used on large displays, E-POS systems and Kiosks.

"We highly recommend! We have worked with Hi-Bond Tapes for more than 20 years and is testimony to our mutual satisfaction. We appreciate the quality of high-performance tapes together with the technical support and advice on markets. Quality of service is appreciated with lead times and deliveries always reliable, and inquiries being dealt with rapidly."

D.G, France

High quality technical adhesive tapes for the most demanding applications.

Hi-Bond Tapes Ltd is one of Europe’s foremost suppliers of high performance technical adhesive tapes for industry, supplying products worldwide.

Specialist tapes have been developed for a wide range of demanding applications that enhance the quality, performance and the working life of the finished product.

The core products are:

• VST® Acrylic Foam structural bonding tapes
• Bondplus® tapes for electronics
• Pyrobond® Thermal Management tapes
• Hi-Porseal® nano-cell polyurethane sealing and cushioning foams
• Clear Diamond® surface protection films.

Hi-Bond as a company is innovative and creative and have solutions for a multitude of applications in a wide spectrum of industrial sectors, focused on quality, high service levels and technical support.