Committed to technical and service excellence

We work with our customers to make sure that technical tapes are never on their list of things to worry about.

Hi-Bond tapes are used in multiple applications (industries)

  • Automotive & Battery

    Tapes and Foams for applications in Automotive. VST® Acrylic Foam Tapes, Bondplus® Electrical Tapes, & Hi-Porseal® PUR foams.

  • Transportation

    Hi-Bond Tapes have approved VST® structural bonding tapes, a wide package of bonding tapes, and Hi-Porseal® foams for applications within transportation sector.

  • Aerospace

    Hi-Bond supply a range of FAR/JAR and UL approved tapes in Aerospace. These include VST® Tapes for bonding on panels, lighting and galley applications

  • Electronics

    Hi-Bond Tapes supply a proven range of tapes incorporating high temperature insulation, EMI/RFI shielding tapes, electrically conductive tapes, and thermal management tapes

  • Construction

    Hi-Bond supply many tapes and foams for applications in Construction. Specialised VST® structural bonding tapes, Hi-Porseal® PUR foams., and many other tapes

  • Signs and displays

    Hi-Bond Tapes provide an extensive range of tapes for use in the sign industry for permanent and temporary fixing for internal and external applications.

  • General industry

    Hi-Bond supply a wide range of tapes for use in general industry for bonding, mounting, fixing, masking, permanent and temporary applications internally and externally.

  • Screen protection

    Clear Diamond is a range of films providing screen protection or a wide range of consumer electronics and these are also used on large displays, E-POS systems and Kiosks.

"Strong strategic partner. Thanks to the good quality-price ratio of the products, and the service level of the team, Hi-Bond allows us to grow constantly in different markets."

A.N ,Switzerland

High quality technical adhesive tapes for the most demanding applications.

Hi-Bond Tapes Ltd is one of Europe’s foremost suppliers of high performance technical adhesive tapes for industry, supplying products worldwide.

Specialist tapes have been developed for a wide range of demanding applications that enhance the quality, performance and the working life of the finished product.

The core products are:

• VST® Acrylic Foam structural bonding tapes
• Bondplus® tapes for electronics
• Pyrobond® Thermal Management tapes
• Hi-Porseal® nano-cell polyurethane sealing and cushioning foams
• Clear Diamond® surface protection films.

Hi-Bond as a company is innovative and creative and have solutions for a multitude of applications in a wide spectrum of industrial sectors, focused on quality, high service levels and technical support.