Hi-Bond Tapes has industry wide experience and expertise in tape conversion, highly skilled staff with all round knowledge of tape conversion are dedicated to producing the highest quality converted tapes. The knowledge and skill base has been gained by operators with over 25 years of experience working in the industry.


Hi-Bond supplies slit rolls of all grades of tapes in the range using lathe slitting machines, two single shaft and one four shaft slitters cutting on 1” 1.5” and 3” cores.

Slitting is with tolerances of +- 0.2mm cutting foams, filmic, tissue, and metal foil tapes.

Die Cutting

Hi-Bond produce high quality precision die-cut pads, gaskets and complex shapes from the full portfolio of tapes. Die-cuts are supplied on rolls, sheets and as individual pieces with different carriers and liners.

Customised solutions for a wide spectrum of demanding applications, using rotary, flat-bed, CNC and laser cutting.

We provide a proto-type service with samples produced from technical drawings.

Rotary dies of 250mm , flat-bed at 400mm x 400mm laser at 900mm x 1000mm and CNC up to 1500mm wide.


Cross – wound spools are produced on 6 inch cores, spooling double-sided foam film and tissue tapes, from widths of 6mm to 25mm. The length of spools is dependent on the thickness and width of the tape, spools are supplied up to 1500 meters in length.

Acrylic foam spools are supplied with a secondary extended liner to enable cross-winding, separating each wrap and preventing the foam layers bonding to one another.

Spools are supplied in specially designed cartons with interlocking flaps to keep the spools in position.

Spools can be supplied with cardboard flanges to prevent slippage of the wraps of tape.

Plotter/Laser Die Cutting

For development projects or prototypes samples, Hi-Bond has both a high grade laser cutter and flat bed plotters to allow customers to get samples quickly to aid in their development projects. This can easily be scaled up on successful projects to high volume rotary or flat-bed die cutting for smaller batch production.