VST® Acrylic Foams

VST® Acrylic foam tapes

The VST® range of high performance structural bonding tapes are of the highest quality and performance levels of any double-sided bonding and mounting tapes on the market, these highly versatile tapes can be used for a wide range of applications in many industrial sectors.

The acrylic foams are available in white, grey, black and clear in thicknesses from 0.25mm to 3mm thick with fine tolerances in densities from 750kg/m3 to 1500kg/m3. Acrylic foam tapes have excellent load bearing performance with excellent cohesive strength, dynamic shear and tensile adhesion.

Hi-Bond VST acrylic foams have outstanding all weather performance and can withstand temperatures of -40 °C to +160 °C short term. These tapes also have very good resistance to humidity and act as a moisture barrier when applied. Acrylic foams are visco-elastic and when applied will take up the expansion and contraction of different substrates at high and low temperatures unlike other double-sided tapes.

These VST tapes will bond a wide variety of materials and are especially good at bonding metals, plastics and glass.

Our VST® Acrylic Foams are used in multiple applications (industries)

  • Aerospace

    Hi-Bond supply a range of FAR/JAR and UL approved tapes in Aerospace. These include VST® Tapes for bonding on panels, lighting and galley applications

  • Automotive & Battery

    Tapes and Foams for applications in Automotive. VST® Acrylic Foam Tapes, Bondplus® Electrical Tapes, & Hi-Porseal® PUR foams.

  • Construction

    Hi-Bond supply many tapes and foams for applications in Construction. Specialised VST® structural bonding tapes, Hi-Porseal® PUR foams., and many other tapes

  • Electronics

    Hi-Bond Tapes supply a proven range of tapes incorporating high temperature insulation, EMI/RFI shielding tapes, electrically conductive tapes, and thermal management tapes

  • General industry

    Hi-Bond supply a wide range of tapes for use in general industry for bonding, mounting, fixing, masking, permanent and temporary applications internally and externally.

  • Signs and displays

    Hi-Bond Tapes provide an extensive range of tapes for use in the sign industry for permanent and temporary fixing for internal and external applications.

  • Transportation

    Hi-Bond Tapes have approved VST® structural bonding tapes, a wide package of bonding tapes, and Hi-Porseal® foams for applications within transportation sector.